Rave Reviews!

Our Garrett Hotel Ghost Tours are a hit! Check out one of the most recent reviews left by one of our fantastic guests, and then come find out for yourself what kind of paranormal experience you will encounter!

I haven’t done the haunted house, but tonight my husband and I did the ghost tour in the Garrett Hotel. Now for the past 7 years we have done EVERY haunted attraction in our area within an hour(ish) drive. This year we decided to branch out, when my husband suggested this ghost tour I was skeptical(it was a 90 mile drive) I assumed it was going to be a mediocre “haunted hotel” with speakers playing voices/knocks and light projected “spirits” BOY WAS I WRONG! This was hands down not only the coolest Halloween experience I’ve ever had, but probably one of the coolest experiences in general! The owner and the crew are awesome, the actual tour I won’t speak much about as I don’t want to set expectations as each experience will be unique.
Only request I have is to offer all night stays(especially private!!) I would gladly make the trip again and plan on checking out their other attractions!