The Basement: Contagion

Our 2019 theme is…CONTAGION!
In the Fall of 2019, Americans raided Area 51, longed believed to be the place where the US government housed proof of alien lifeforms. But what they found when they stormed the gates was much more sinister. Inside Area 51 were hundreds of quarantined Americans infected with a virus that rendered them clinically dead, yet still walking around as if alive, craving human flesh. Once breached, Area 51 could no longer contain the virus or those infected. Many of the people there, fell prey to the infected. In herds, they traveled across the US feeding on the flesh of those unlucky enough to be in their path.

Many people, frightened for their lives, retreated to local fall out shelters in search of safety. The people of Ahoskie were no different. As instructed, they retreated to the basement of their local town hall, until there was no more room to spare. Many perished for lack of safe refuge. Unfortunately, some of those who found refuge were already infected. And the infection spread. Now, it is uncertain how many survivors, if any, are left in The Basement.

In an attempt to rescue the uninfected and dispose of those who have “turned”, the Centers For Disease Control will launch a rescue mission for the townspeople of Ahoskie. On October 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 31 and November 1 – 3, they will unseal The Basement and attempt to contain the outbreak. They are asking for brave citizens to come out and be deputized to assist in this mission. They are urging all who agree to understand that this is a very dangerous mission and their outcome will be uncertain. Are you brave enough to face the uncertainty of death and the horrors contained in The Basement? Will you survive or will you leave infected? Only time will tell…